February Third Grade Newsletter

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
February 05, 2021

February Third Grade Newsletter

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Third grade readers have been focusing on reading and understanding functional texts (advertisements, fliers, directions, recipes etc). Students have been using their nonfiction text features to understand the author’s purpose and to locate and interpret information. Our third grade readers will also be working on poetry. They will begin to uncover the deeper meaning of a poem and the author’s perspective. 


Third Grade Poets will utilize the tools of poetry to write meaningful poems. They will search for inspiration in many places, including everyday objects, conflicts, surprising events, images, or anything else that evokes strong feelings in them. 


The third graders following the advanced curriculum will extend their understanding of  fractions and place value to understand decimal numbers. Third graders following the general education curriculum will deepen their knowledge of multiplication and division by solving real world problems. They will also begin deepening their understanding of place value to support computation.

Social Studies/Science

In Social Studies third graders will learn how early civilizations developed by learning about Ancient China and Greece. In science we will begin learning about soil.