February Specialist Spotlight

February 05, 2021

February Specialist Spotlight

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Library News

ALL students may now pick up holds on any Monday (except holidays) from 4:00- 5:00 p.m., regardless of their last names. All holds must be placed online in our library catalog (Destiny Discover) by the Friday before. Please check the library website for more details or contact Mrs. Oberdick, our school librarian.

Counselors Corner

It’s February and thank you and your students for the kind words during National School Counseling Week. We love what we do! This month our Kindergarten classes have completed their Zones of Regulation books! We’re proud of their creations. 1st grade is practicing calming and coping skills to cope with strong feelings such as belly and ocean breathing. 2nd grade 

3rd grade is exploring a growth mindset and how the brain GROWS with challenges.  4th grade...5th grade is defining stress and how it can be helpful as well as hurtful. We are looking at the science behind the fight or flight experience and starting calming journals. 6th grade

PE and Health

It’s February, American Heart Month!  Time to focus on heart health and bring awareness to proper nutrition, physical activity and impactful lifestyle changes. During the month of February Health and Physical Education classes will focus on Staying Active.  Students K – 2 will be able to list fun activities that can be done at home, at school with family and friends that keeps them healthy.  Students in 3rd – 6th grade will be participating in Functional Fitness Challenges.

The Challenges include:

  • Cardio: Step Challenge
  • Strength: Plank Challenge
  • Flexibility: Lower Body Challenge
  • Flexibility: Upper Body Challenge
  • Balance: Standing Balance Challenge

Once challenges have been completed students will analyze their results and set goals for improvement. As Goal-directed and resilient individuals’ students will create a plan to achieve their goals.


This month in music we are focusing on improvisation and the science of sound as we study jazz and highlight influential jazz musicians. We will also be connecting socio-emotional growth to music. We will explore how our feelings can inform the musical choices we make and discuss how musicians use music for self-expression. Check out Sangster Music Site for resources


Check out the Art Class Website to find information about ongoing art projects, extension activities, and how to turn in artwork. Ask your student to share their awesome Digital Portfolios or FlipGrid videos with you!


This month, students in fifth grade will continue working on vocabulary related to the description of houses. We will also introduce vocabulary related to ocean creatures.  Students in sixth grade will continue working on describing landforms in the target language.  We will later introduce vocabulary related to school, classes, school activities, and sports.



Band is going strong!  I am very excited and impressed with the student’s progress on their instruments! 5th Grade is working in their Band Fit Books and earning Badges along with new notes.  6th Grade is working on Scales, expanding their ranges and Band Music!  Weekly assignments are posted in Google Classroom so please stay on top of those. Enrichment Classes are held every week to solidify what we learned in Band Class. If you would like any extra help, please email me - @email and we can set up a help session during my Office Hours. I am always happy to help anyone!  Keep up the GREAT work and have FUN!!!!


String players have been making lots of progress on their instruments. 4th graders are getting more comfortable playing with the bow and learning new tunes.  5th graders are focusing on playing eighth-note rhythms and starting to look at fun, new music. 6th graders are starting to learn even more new notes and more complex rhythms as we start learning more advanced music. Weekly practice assignments and music are posted in our Google Classroom. We still have enrichment classes going on for every instrument which are helpful in learning all of our new music.

STEAM (Google SIte Link)

In January, students got the opportunity to participate in a Winter  STEAM choice boards to start off 2021. They loved all of those fun activities as we ended the second quarter. The past two weeks, we explored the world of aviation and students learned what modifications could be made to a standard dart plane to help it to travel further. For the rest of February, we will spend some time exploring coding using Scratch after taking some time for a mid year reflection. Please check out our STEAM Google Site and links on Google Classroom.