February Sixth Grade Newsletter

February 05, 2021

February Sixth Grade Newsletter

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Language Arts

Students are finishing up their study of functional texts. Students used text features to categorize and I locate information in functional texts, use text features to predict, and skim materials to develop overview or locate specific information.

 This month we will begin our Poetry Unit that runs until mid-March. Students will focus on figurative language, analyzing poetry, and writing their own poetry.

Social Studies

The next Social Studies unit is entitled “A New Nation”. Students will learn to explain the outcomes of the first Constitution of the United States established by the Articles of the Confederation and describe the historical development of the Constitution of the United States. Students will also explore the connections between liberty and slavery in the ideas and lives of the Framers of the Constitution.

Math 6

Students are continuing to work on Unit 4: Integer Operations with the goal of developing an understanding of and fluency with multiplication and division of fractions, decimals and integers. The next unit focuses on Expressions, Equations and Inequalities.

Math 7 

Students are working on Coordinate Planes and Congruence and will move into Circles and Geometric measurement as we close-out the 3rd quarter.


Students will investigate the following key ideas this month: 

  • Atoms are the basic building blocks of all matter.  
  • Due to water’s properties, it is a fundamental compound necessary for Earth’s processes

Service Hours

Just a reminder that 6th-grade students are required to complete 5 community service hours by the end of May. Be creative and be safe! Some ideas include cleaning-up the neighborhood, writing letters to service members or veterans, or shoveling snow from a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk.

Some examples

  • Do yard work for an elderly neighbor or someone in need of assistance within your community
  • Encourage students to go around their home to find ways to conserve energy (not leave the water faucet running while brushing teeth; powering down electronics when not in use; separating items for trash and recycling; etc.)
  • Outdoor beautification projects (Chalk-the-Walk with positive messages on the sidewalk; pick-up trash; paint positive messages on small stones and place them along a trail; etc.)
  • Virtual Tutoring / Peer Mentoring (if FCPS school-based virtual tutoring, an FCPS staff member should be present in the virtual room - please consult with your school administration team)
  • Virtual check-in visits (at various residential / assisted living facilities)