February Principal's Message

Principal's Message
January 31, 2020

Dear Sangster Community,

We are well into the middle of our school year.  The winter months are prime learning months. As long as we do not have too many weather interruptions, you should see great growth in your children between now and Spring Break.

Homework is a typical topic of discussion in most homes.  Homework should be a time to practice skills learned at school.  It should not make your home a battleground.  Parents can set the tone.  Here are some ideas to help with homework:

  • Start early, even in kindergarten.  Doing homework should be as inevitable as sunrise.  Children who have the homework habit will adapt as assignments become more difficult in the upper grades.
  • Try using a chart or calendar that allows each child to block in a regularly scheduled times so that they can learn to balance homework, play, and chores.  Students in grades 1-3 should budget 30 minutes each day.  Upper grade students should allow for one hour per night.
  • If you have several children, experiment to determine if the children do best studying together or separate.  Remember to let your child do the homework.   They may have questions and want some guidance; however, homework belongs to them, not you. 
  • Review completed homework together and always praise your child for a diligent sessions.
  • Encourage your child to have a “homework buddy” from their classroom that they can call to clarify homework questions regarding assignments.
  • Keep in touch with the teacher.  If your child consistently does not understand assignments or is consistently working longer than the recommended times, please let the teacher know.

Homework should be an opportunity for your student to review skills taught in class as well as build study skills for the future.  Thanks for all you do!



Lisa M. Reddel