February Monthly News: Third Grade

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
February 04, 2019


Language Arts— The third graders are currently doing a unit on critical literacy. We are learning to find the theme, problem/solution, and cause/effect with different types of folktales including fairytales, myths, legends, and fables. The students are continuing to working on nonfiction writing as well. We are also working on reading novels in small groups. After we wrap up critical literacy we will jump into a content area research project.


Math— We are about halfway through our second unit of addition and subtraction. In this unit students will work on place value with up to 6 digit numbers and adding and subtraction of up to 4 digit numbers. Students will also work on counting, comparing, and making change with money. Following this unit, students will dive into a unit on measurement to include capacity, mass, time, temperature, and length.  


Science— We are currently working on our next science unit, Earth cycles. This will include the student of the natural cycles (moon cycle, seasons, tides, day/night, water cycle), energy resources, and the effects of human influence.


Social Studies – Students will continue learning about Ancient Egypt. In this unit students will be learning about economics including specialization, natural resources, capital resources, and economic choice.



Upcoming Dates

Feb 1stSpirit day: Jersey day

Feb 4th – Student Holiday: No School

Feb 7th – Report cards go home

Feb 14th – Valentine’s Day

Feb 21st – President’s Day: No School