February Monthly Updates: Fifth Grade

Monthly News- 5th Grade
February 04, 2019

February Newsletter for 5th Grade

Language Arts--This month students will investigate the genre of poetry, while continuing to fine-tune their 4-Square writing process and learn how to conduct content area research. Content area research will be an important skill while collaborating with their classmates on the Global Awareness Technology Project (discussed in further detail below).  Reading every night for at least 20 minutes helps to build reader’s stamina, develop their vocabularies, and strengthen skills across all academic areas.  Thank you for continuing to encourage and support your 5th Grade Reader!

Math—February finds our 5th Grade mathematicians continuing their exploration of algebraic reasoning. They will identify, create, describe, and extend patterns using words, materials, number lines, tables, and pictures.  Students will solve problems and identify the input and output rules for whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Learning to describe the concept of a variable as a representation of an unknown quantity and creating word problems to match a given equation with one variable and one operation will be a whole new and challenging experience for many 5th graders!  These new skills will come in handy when we transition into our next unit of study:  measurement.

Social Studies— The Global Awareness and Technology Project will officially kick-off in the middle of February!  5th Grade historians will participate in this county-wide project where small groups of students work collaboratively to research a chosen topic while exploring the themes of: Change Over Time, Geography, Art, Leadership, Interdependence, Government, Literature or Math and Science.  Throughout GATP, students will increase their global awareness and use technology to perform their research, communicate with each other and produce a final project.


Science-- In February, our Scientists will continue their investigations related to the physical characteristics of the ocean such as density, salinity and the various ocean zones.  Atoms, molecules, and elements will also be studied.  Next, our focus will shift to the very popular Light and Sound unit of study!  Scientists will continue to form hypotheses, make inferences, collect data and drawn conclusions as they investigate the various states of matter, how sounds are made, and how light is transmitted.


Dates, Notes, and Updates – We remain committed to establishing strong parent-teacher communication.  Should you ever have any questions about your child, the curricula, or just want to touch base, please feel free to contact us 😊.

Our very kind-hearted 5th Graders are participating with the Barbera Foundation in creating valentines for charitable organizations in our community.  Please consider donating valentine-type craft items to your student’s class to help us complete our project during the first week of February.


Mark Your Calendars:

February 1st - Spirit Day - Sports/Jersey Day

February 4th - No School for Students - Staff Development Day

February 6th - 6th Grade Advanced Band Concert

February 7th –Student of the Month Celebration @ 8:15am in the Sangster Cafeteria

Report Cards Go Home in Thursday Folders

PTA Meeting @ 7pm in the Sangster Library

February 9th - "Share the Love" Weekend Meal Assembly

February 13th - 100s Day

February 13th - PTA Valentine Bingo

February 18thNo School – President’s Day Holiday