February Fourth Grade Newsletter

Monthly News - 4th Grade
February 05, 2021

February Fourth Grade Newsletter

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Reading & Writing 

At the beginning of the month, fourth graders will read and understand functional texts. 

Students will read and analyze advertisements, fliers, and schedules to understand the author’s purpose and to locate and interpret information.  

Later in the month, we will begin our Poetry Unit.  Students will understand that responding to poetry through movement, speech, and/or art, furthers understanding and interpretation. As poets we will recognize how the use of the tools of poetry (alliteration, rhythm, metaphor) affect the meaning of poems.

Social Studies

As historians, we will understand that people, events, places, ideas, relationships, rules, and responsibilities change over time.  

This month 4th graders will start our New Nation unit.  Students will explore the connections between liberty and slavery in the ideas and lives of George Washington, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, and George Mason.  They will also explore the influence of geography and technological advances on the migration of Virginians into western territories and how it impacted culture.  


Math:  We will develop an understanding of decimals as part of the base-ten number system and make connections between fractions, decimals, and whole numbers.  

This month, our mathematicians will read, write, represent, and identify decimals expressed through thousandths. They will also compare and order decimals.

Advanced Math: 

We will develop an understanding and fluency with the computation of decimals. Students will focus on the conceptual understanding of decimals, the special properties of the decimal number system, and the addition and subtraction of decimals.


As scientists, we will investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. 

This month we will begin our Magnetism & Electricity unit. Students will learn about static electricity, current electricity, and circuits. They will use the scientific method to investigate, predict, analyze, and draw conclusions.