February First Grade Newsletter

February 05, 2021

February First Grade Newsletter

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Upcoming Dates

February 15th- No School- President’s Day

Setting Up for Success

To help your child’s teacher to be able to support him/her better, please make sure that your child has his or her materials readily available throughout the day. 

Your child will need a whiteboard and marker each day throughout the day since we are not using printed paper or copies.


This month, we will complete our Poetry reading and writing unit. 

Consider reading a poem with your child and asking him or her to draw a picture of what they visualized while you read. You can also ask, “What was this poem really about?”

Consider reading poems at home with your child to practice his or her reading fluency. Model reading a line from the poem and have your child read it back so that it sounds smooth as it does when we are speaking.

You can also try writing poetry together with your child. In this unit, we will practice writing: 5 Senses Poems, Color Poems, Shape Poems and Acrostic Poems. 

Poetry is a great way to encourage your child to write. Many first graders are excited to write poems because they feel that there are, “less rules,” than traditional writing. Have fun!

FUNDations (Phonics)

Your first grader will be completing Unit 5 this month!

If you want to review taught skills with your child, you can access the Home Support Packet for Unit 5 by clicking here.

Unit 5

In this unit, we learned about the glued sounds: am & an. We also worked on the trick words: do, does, have & from.


This month in math, we are working on addition and subtraction. 

We have been focusing on our fact fluency and being able to recall the sums and differences when given two numbers quickly!

Consider creating flashcards to use with your child at home that have basic addition and subtraction facts. Hide them around one section of your house and have your child solve them as they find them. 

Towards the end of the month, we will begin a short unit on Data Analysis. To get some fresh air and practice math skills, consider having your child create a graph before an outdoor walk with different items that you may find. Have your child use tally marks to mark the total number of each item they found while outside. Ask your child questions about the graph once you return.

Social Studies

This month, we learned all about maps and practiced some map skills. We will learn about some famous Americans later this month. 

We will also learn about Virginia landforms this month as well.


We will begin a unit on Weather later this month! Your child has read many nonfiction books about weather during language arts this year. Consider asking him or her what they already know about weather.