February Fifth Grade Newsletter

Monthly News- 5th Grade
February 05, 2021

February Fifth Grade Newsletter

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February brings many opportunities to learn about history, current events, and physical and emotional growth. Here are a few links you might enjoy exploring with your children, as we also discuss them in class. 

1. George Washington’s Birthday

2. Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

3. Presidents’ Day

4. Black History Month

5. Valentine’s Day Facts

6. Random Acts of Kindness Week

7. National Heart Month

Important Dates

  • Thurs. Feb. 11 @ 7:00 pm:  Virtual Valentine Bingo
  • Mon. Feb. 15:  Presidents’ Day Holiday;  No School
  • Thurs. Feb. 18 @ 7:00 pm: PTA Meeting
  • Week of Feb. 17:  National   Random Acts of Kindness Week



As you can see from the February events listed to the right, we have some great material to continue our study of nonfiction. Students will continue to look at the organization of various nonfiction texts, as we continue to research materials for our animal reports. We will also look at Functional Texts this month. Our 5th graders will work to understand that readers regularly interact with texts that serve as tools to navigate and interpret the world. These texts include items such as design instructions, recipes, infographics, charts, etc.


This month, we will apply our knowledge of nonfiction text features and text structures to our writing. Integrating with science, students are learning to research an ocean animal of their choosing. In this unit, students will learn to use databases, identify reliable sources, practice note-taking and citing sources, and synthesize information. 

We will also continue Word Study, Caesar’s English, and other mini-lessons on editing

Math 5

Computation and number sense will continue to be our focus as we begin a new unit in February. We will follow our “Whole Number Computation” unit with “Decimal Computation”.  This unit will include further exploration of the relationship between decimals and fractions. Along with estimating, multiplying and dividing numbers that include  decimals, students will multiply whole numbers by fractions, and use them in practical problems. Please continue to encourage math fact practice as well as completion of our weekly goal with ST Math. This will help computational fluency with both decimals and fractions.

Math AAP

In Unit 4, we will apply and extend our knowledge of integers by learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide positive and negative numbers. We will continue to use a variety of strategies to practice. Students may benefit from creating their own set (20) of two-sided counters by coloring 1-inch circles (or squares) red on one side and yellow on the other. 

We will continue to use a variety of tools, including ST Math, Number Talks, and strategy games to reinforce learning



Rainbow Challenge: Can you spot a rainbow this month--or make one? Fifth graders will begin a new unit in the third quarter on Light and Sound. February will focus on light, where students will explore basic characteristics of visible light and how it behaves. (Check out this video

Social Studies

We’ll continue our study of ancient civilizations, exploring geography, economics and contributions. Students will engage in critical thinking as we compare and contrast these places in world history.

Important Links