December Monthly Updates: Second Grade

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
December 03, 2018

December 2018


Reading Essential Question:

How do we as readers develop ideas about the information presented in nonfiction texts?

Comprehension Skill Focus:

How do we as readers take previous knowledge and combine it with new information to build current understanding?


Oral Language Focus:

  • Sharing our weekend News and favorite books.
  • Following directions
  • Adding adjectives to help us describe.


Standards covered:


Addition and Subtraction with double digits.

Word Study                                                

Word Study Skills:

  • Adding endings to words
  • Focus on patterns and what sounds they create.


Writing Focus:

Continue “Writer’s workshop”, understand non-fiction can be how to writing or biographies.  Nonfiction is often presented in historical fiction.


Standards covered:

Wondering About Weather: SCI G2.6 investigate and understand basic types, changes, and patterns of weather. SCI.G2.7 investigate and understand that weather and seasonal changes affect plants, animals, and their surroundings.

Social Studies

Standards covered: American Indians 3 regions in the U.S. called Eastern Woodlands Region, Plains, and Southwest Regions. Geography!