December Second Grade Newsletter

Monthly News - 2nd Grade
December 07, 2020

December Second Grade Newsletter

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Important Dates

December 21 - January 1: No School 


This month, we will begin our Nonfiction Reading Unit.  During class, students will learn how nonfiction readers study and ask questions before, during, and after reading to learn more about a given topic. Students will learn how to read and use nonfiction text features such as a table of contents, headings, and glossary to learn more about a topic.  Encourage your child to add nonfiction books of interest to his/her book box and virtual library. 


This month, we will begin our Nonfiction Writing Unit with “All About” books. Students will learn how to select a topic of interest that they already know a lot about, how to write a book to teach others about their topic, and how to organize their books and incorporate nonfiction text features. Encourage your child to use specific facts and details to teach others about his/her topic. Remind your child to check over his/her writing for neatness and correct punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.


This month students are beginning Unit 4. In this unit, students will be learning to estimate sums and differences. 

Students will also be learning to solve one and two-step story problems using addition and subtraction.

Finally, we will also be asynchronously practicing measurement skills, like estimating length and weight to the nearest inch and pound. 

Social Studies

This month, students continue studying American Indians, specifically the Lakotas of the Great Plains and the Pueblo of the Southwest.. We will be learning about the climate and the environment they lived in and how that impacts the way they lived. 


We will begin our next science unit on weather when we return from break in January. 

Positivity Project

Throughout the month of December, students will learn about multiple character strengths. This includes, kindness, other people matter and understanding that our words and actions affect others, and self-control.

Here are some resources that you can view and share with your child.


Random Acts of Kindness - What are some acts of kindness these kids did for others?

Other People Matter:

T.H.I.N.K before you speak - How can you use words to make someone happier?


Cookie Monster - In this video, Cookie Monster not only learns a few strategies to practice self-control, but he also learns how his choices can affect others. What does he learn about how his self-control affects his friends.

Helpful Links For Additional Practice:


  • ST Math
  • Dreambox

Language Arts:

  • Imagine Language
  • MyOn

All of these websites can be found on the Sangster Student Links Pag