December First Grade Newsletter

Monthly News- 1st Grade
December 07, 2020

December First Grade Newsletter

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This month, we will focus on nonfiction texts. We will learn many important skills to be able to preview nonfiction texts, read to gain new knowledge and reflect on what we have read after reading. We will learn about different text features and understand how they help us to gain new information from a text. 

Consider reading a nonfiction book with your child. Can your child point out important text features such as: title, table of contents, headings, photographs, captions, bold words?

Can your child tell you what he or she knows about the topic before reading? Can your child look over the table of contents and predict what he or she may learn while reading? Can your child identify an important fact that he or she learned after reading?

Have fun exploring Pioneer Valley and MyON to read new to you nonfiction texts!

FUNdations (Phonics)

Your first grader will be completing Unit 3 this month and starting Unit 4!

If you want to review taught skills with your child, you can access the Home Support Packet for Unit 3 by clicking here

Unit 4

In this unit, we will learn about the Bonus Letter Spelling rule for: ll, ss, ff and sometimes zz.

We will also learn about the glued sound -all.

Setting Up for Success

To help your child’s teacher to be able to support him/her better, please encourage your child to have his/her video camera on. It is much easier to check for understanding and connect when cameras are on. Thank you for your support with this!

Please make sure that your child has used the velcro in the Student Materials bag to create their FUNdations board. It should look like this.


This month in math, we are working on solving addition and subtraction story problems. 

Consider giving your child a simple story problem using the following format and ask him or her how they might solve it for you:


Name had # of _____. Name got # more. How many does he/she have in all/total/altogether?


Name had # of _____. Name lost/ate #. How many does he/she have left/now?

We will also be working on our fact fluency for both addition or subtraction. Please consider having your child practice adding or subtracting two numbers using their digit cards. 

Finally, we will be working on equality. Ask your child to explain what the =  and not equal symbols mean.

Social Studies

During the month of December, we will learn about Economics. We will understand what a good, service, producer, and consumer are and be able to give examples for each.


We will learn about Motion and Sound this month. Can you find examples of motion around your home? Can your child help explain how sound works?

Upcoming Dates

December 21- Winter Break!

Enjoy your time with your family.