December Fifth Grade Newsletter

Monthly News- 5th Grade
November 30, 2020

December Fifth Grade Newsletter

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Important Dates:

  • Wednesday, December 9-  PTA Meeting 7:00 PM
  • Thursday, December 10-  Hanukkah Begins
  • Tuesday, December 15-  Panera Fundraiser
  • Winter Break-   Mon. Dec.  21 - Fri., Jan 1, 2021

Warm Wishes! 

We wish you all a warm and happy December!  As we approach our Winter Break, we  are just about midway through the second quarter and looking forward to a month of exciting lessons and activities.!   

We continue to be committed to establishing strong parent-teacher communication.  Should you ever have any questions about your child, the curricula, or just need to touch base, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The 5th Grade Team


Fifth grade will start Unit 3: Nonfiction by reviewing text features. These features are design elements that help the reader understand text. Examples include headings, bolded words, and diagrams. Additionally, students will learn about text structure and different strategies to organize writing. 

Students will primarily practice these skills through integrated readings with the science and social studies units, applying their learning to real-world readings. 


Fifth grade is finishing Unit 2: Fiction, by applying understanding of character traits, plot, and theme to creative writing through a variety of projects. Additionally, students are monitoring for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation

Students will begin Unit 3: Nonfiction, with a review of text features and create a project demonstrating understanding of these important concepts.

Math 5

This month, we’ll begin our third unit in 5th grade math on “Whole Number Computation”.  Along with a review of addition and subtraction, the standards for this unit include refining and extending student understanding of multi-digit multiplication, and division of whole numbers. We will also use our understanding of computation and properties to solve multi-step word problems.  Please continue to practice math facts at home with your child and encourage weekly use of ST Math for a deeper understanding of math skills.

Math AAP

We will be wrapping up unit 2 this month.  Please continue to review multiplying and dividing fractions at home. Next, we will compare and order rational numbers, including integers, as well as identify what an integer is and how to represent them in various situations. 

Be sure to set aside time each week for your child to review math skills using ST Math.  Your child should be actively solving puzzles and reaching goals set in the classroom. We encourage you to ask your fifth grader to show you the puzzles he/she is currently solving.


We just completed the Landform Unit and are starting to learn about Oceans, our new unit this quarter. This month we will discover what is beneath the waves and delve into the features of the ocean floor.  After that, we move on to determining whether the ocean is a mixture or a solution!    

Social Studies 

Our journey to imagine and create our own civilization continues this month, and will culminate in a presentation of cultural artifacts. We’re excited to see everyone’s creativity!

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