April Monthly Updates: Third Grade

Monthly News - 3rd Grade
April 04, 2019

Third Grade Newsletter


Language Arts— In April students will be learning about the differences between biography and autobiography. Additionally, students will be learned about different poetry structures – including free prose and haiku. Some of the strategies that students will continue to work on are summarizing texts, drawing conclusions, making inferences and developing more reading comprehension strategies for test taking. We will work on creating poems in writing workshop.


Math— Students will work on data and graphing, including bar graphs and pictographs. We will also work on telling time to the nearest minute, elapsed time, and temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Additionally, students will review topics previously covered including measurement.

Science—We will continue to learn about soil! Students will be able to identify the different soil layers and the components of soil.  


Social Studies— We will continue learning about the ancient civilizations. Students will learn about the geography, contributions and resources of these civilizations.


Important Dates

April 1 – Student of the Month Celebration

April 4 – End of 3rd Quarter

April 5 – Teacher Workday

April 10 – National “Purple UP day”: Support Military Families

April 10 – Picture day

April 11 – PTA Meeting

April 12 – Twin Day

April 15-19 – Spring Break