Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week October 19-23,2020

October 16, 2020

Celebrate Digital Citizenship Week October 1923, 2020

How am I being a digital citizen today?.

Each day has a different focus. Check out all the amazing digital citizenship activities you and your families can do at home on  Wide Open School. Activities are provided there by day and grade level.

  • Monday, October 19th: How can I create Media Balance in my life?
  • Tuesday, October 20th: How can I keep my private information safe?
  • Wednesday, October 21st : How can I build a digital footprint I’m proud of?
  • Thursday, October 22nd: How can I communicate kindly, build relationships and stand up to hate?
  • Friday, October 23rd: How can I think critically about the things I see, create and share?

Kindergarten to Grade 2 Activities               

Grades 3-5 Activities                                   

Grades 6 Activities 

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